25 maja 2017
25 maja 2017

Flying a glider is another way to see the world from above. A glider is a heavier-than-air aircraft that is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its lifting surfaces, and whose free flight does not depend on an engine. It means that the time of flight depends on an air conditions but it is not less than 10 minutes. The glider is started by towing behind plane or a winch. After you reach 500 meters the glider gently flies down to the ground. The flight is nearby the airfield. 1 flight is for 1 passenger.

Equipment: Puchacz, Grob Twin Astir.

Glider flights are available from April to November.


Fly glider

  • 1 person -820 PLN(in total)
  • 2 persons -1140 PLN(in total)
  • 3 persons -1460 PLN(in total)
  • 4 and more – Call us

Maximum of safety, 100% Satisfaction!

All prices are in total without any hidden costs. Prices includes making a reservation of flight (flights), professional and licensed service, Hotel Pick Up & Drop off, Transport to the place (90km from Krakow), a flight, transport back to Krakow.