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25 maja 2017
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Ski & snowboarding

Tatra Mountains offer excellent conditions to practice ski and snowboarding during winter time. You can choose from many ski slopes depending on your skills. Here in Poland there are plenty of slopes for beginners or more advanced skiers. There are also several slopes that require pretty good skills. Almost all ski resorts have slopes for every group of skiers and snowboarders. All The Tatra Mountains ski resorts are situated approximately 110 km from Cracow, so it means the trip lasts about 2 hours one way in winter road conditions. We can recommend you the best resort depending on your skills and expectations. The skiing season in Poland runs from December to March.

Ski resort price depends on what kind of option you choose.

Ski resorts Avarage prices:

  • 2 hours – 50 PLN
  • 4 hours – 65 PLN
  • 6 hours – 75 PLN
  • Al day ticket – 100 PLN

There are special discounts for children(up to 9 years), juniors(10 – 15) and seniors(from 60).

Gear rental prices(full gear) – 30PLN- 40PLN (a day)

Service prices:

Ski & Snowboarding:

  • 1 person – 500 PLN
  • 2 persons – 550 PLN(all persons)
  • 3 persons – 600 PLN(all persons)
  • 4 persons – 650 PLN(all persons)
  • 5 persons – 680 PLN(all persons)
  • 6 persons – 700 PLN(all persons)
  • 7 persons – 730 PLN(all persons)
  • 8 persons – 750 PLN(all persons)
  • 9-more -contact us

We can arrange a ski tours to Kasprowy Wierch slope or slowakian side of Tatra Mountains (Jasna-Hopok, Tarzanska Lomnica) which require very good skills (high mountains). If you want to know more about details please contact us.

Service prices includes making a reservation, professional and licensed service, Hotel Pick Up & Drop off, Transport to the place (about 2 hours from Cracow), Transport back to Cracow.

Total price is ski resort ticket price + gear rental(if you do not have) + service price!!!

You can cut your costs if you choose SKI&SNOWBOARDING and THERMAL BATHS in ONE day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!