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25 maja 2017
Żywiec Brewery Museum
25 maja 2017

Cracow Zoo is a medium sized zoo.

Currently it exposes more than 1,300 animals, representatives of 270 species. Large group of animals dying and endangered (more than 100 species). These include: Rothschild giraffe, Przewalski’s horse, pygmy hippo, panda, snow leopard, the Amur tiger, maned wolf, antelope addaks, chimpanzee, and Ruffed lemurs tailed, Indian elephant, Andean Condor, Humboldt penguin. Krakow Zoo was opened in 1929.

Cracow Zoo is open all year round, 7 days a week!

Opening time: 9.00 to 18.00 Walking to 19:00.


Cracow Zoo

  • 1 person -130 PLN
  • 2 persons -160 PLN(all persons)
  • 3 persons -190 PLN(all persons)
  • 4 persons -220 PLN(all persons)
  • 5 persons -250 PLN(all persons)
  • 6 persons -280 PLN(all persons)
  • 7 persons -310 PLN(all persons)
  • 8 persons -340 PLN(all persons)
  • 9-more -contact us

All prices are in total without any hidden costs. Prices includes making an entrance reservation, professional and licensed service, Hotel Pick Up & Drop off, Transport to the place (about half an hour from a city centre),Entrance ticket. Transport back to Cracow.